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UltraK9 Pro asserts that the strength of its natural and primordial components may assist dogs and puppies have more energy for enjoyable activities. At the same time, it aids in the development of their glossy fur coat, which reveals their state of good health.

It considerably strengthens your thyroid, kidneys, and liver. Primal nutrients are included in UltraK9 Pro in the best way possible. It is a thorough medical procedure for your dog.

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Why Choose Prostadine ?


FDA Approved

The product is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.


100% Natural

All ingredients are 100 % pure, Natural, and carefully sourced.


GMP Certified

It is produced in a GMP certified facility in the United States.


Made In The USA

This Supplement is manufactured in the United States.

What is UltraK9 Pro ?

ultrak9pro supplements
ultrak9pro dog

Dogs can take the liquid supplement Ultra K9 Pro to boost their general health and energy. The formula includes primordial nutrients that support the thyroid, liver, and kidneys.

If you wish to preserve the health of your dog, use Ultra K9 Pro vitamins. It controls metabolic activity, good skin, strong bones, flexible joints, and a healthy body weight. Because of the nutrients in Ultra K9 Pro, your dog will live longer and be more energetic.

The ingredients in Ultra K9 Pro are a combination of herbs, plants, vitamins, and minerals that have been shown to boost general health and remove harmful toxins from the dog’s body. The dietary supplement is delectable and works well as a reward with your dog’s meal. It has been shown to improve the health and longevity of dogs.

There are no GMOs, preservatives, chemicals, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, or yeast in Ultra K9 Pro, an all-natural dietary supplement. The USA-based manufacturer of the Ultra K9 Pro dietary supplement uses cutting-edge, FDA-approved, and GMP-certified facilities.

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee 100% SATISFACTION

The UltraK9 Pro dietary supplement comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee starting from the date of your initial purchase. Simply let us know through the UltraK9 Pro site if you’re not entirely pleased with the UltraK9 Pro Supplement or your experience during the first 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll provide you a refund within 48 hours of the product being returned.
That’s right, within 60 days of your purchase, simply return the UltraK9 Pro supplement, even empty bottles, and you’ll get a refund with no questions asked!

Real Supplement Users. Real Life-Changing Results.

"My puppy has had more energy since I started giving him these nutrients, and he genuinely is a new dog. I can see he is grateful and satisfied that I am keeping an eye out for him."
Julia G.
New York, USA
"Lola goes back to being a small little puppy after learning about these nutrients. She is full of life and joy. We've only been using these supplements for a few weeks, but I honestly believe it's the finest thing I've ever done for her..
Miranda Fisher
Dallas, USA
“ Bobby, my goldie, has never been more content. He can easily outpace the majority of the younger canines in the park at the age of 11. He's in the best shape of his life, and I'm going to do everything I can to keep him there...”
Joshua P.
Texas, USA

UltraK9 Pro - How To Give Your Dog?

To enhance the outcomes provided by the formula, make sure to stick to a healthy diet plan and perform simple exercises.

It is an effective treatment that may be given to dogs along with meals. This supplement restores Your dog’s nutritional health by providing all-natural, full-spectrum nutrients in the form of easy-to-use drops. For the optimum results, it should be used consistently.

It may be included in any feed, including homemade or pedigree foods. Have a look at how your dog gnawed on each bite and pleaded for more. After you’re done, the chemicals will start pumping a lot of nutrients into your dog’s bloodstream and start performing their magic. The results will be apparent immediately away.

The components will begin working their magic as soon as you finish the formula, and the results will be ready in no time! Chicken broth is a favourite of every pet you’ve ever met, and this product tastes just like rich chicken bone broth. They used every available resource to produce the product that tasted the greatest and was the healthiest.

How Well Does UltraK9 Pro™ Works For You?

With a dog’s needs in mind, a nutritional supplement called UltraK9 Pro was developed. It contains a unique combination of organic ingredients that promotes your dog’s general well-being, including joint health, immune system function, digestive health, and brain function. These advantages are offered by the product’s content.

Ingredients including glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, turmeric, Boswellia, ginger, and probiotics, among others, are used to make nutritional supplements. Together, these components provide full support for the health and wellbeing of all dogs.

Patients who use UltraK9 Pro to treat their pets say that it normally goes smoothly and doesn’t have any negative side effects. Like with any other nutritional supplement or prescription, you should always consult your dog’s veterinarian before administering any medication.

After using UltraK9 Pro, customers reported an improvement in their overall health and wellness, better joint health, and more energy and vitality. Many consumers greatly respect the fact that the dietary supplement is produced with natural components and does not include possibly harmful chemicals or additions.

Canine friends can benefit from a wide range of advantages from a high-quality supplement called Ultra K9 Pro. UltraK9 Pro is a terrific option to think about if you’re searching for a 100% natural and very effective strategy to improve your dog’s overall health.

UltraK9 Pro contains probiotics to assist not just joint health but also digestive health, as well as mental function. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are those that live in the digestive tract and sustain a balanced population of microorganisms. They also support healthy brain and immune system functioning.

The antioxidant capabilities of additional components in Ultra K9 Pro, such as ginger and cinnamon, contribute to the supplement’s capacity to protect dogs from the harmful effects of oxidative stress and to enhance their overall health and wellness.

In general, the science behind UltraK9 Pro is focused on the distinct benefits that each component provides as well as how those substances work together to provide comprehensive support for dogs’ overall health. Always get advice from your veterinarian before administering any prescription medication or food supplement to your dog. Despite the fact that the supplement is usually well taken and has no noticeable side effects, it is always a good idea to see your veterinarian before taking it.

UltraK9 Pro Ingredients

Nine unique primordial nutrients in Ultra K9 Pro help your dog’s wellness. The components of Ultra K9 Pro are as follows, per serving:

Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth :

Bone broth supports a healthy digestive system and is rich and flavorful. It naturally nourishes the skin, coat, and bones. Moreover, it supports good intestinal flora, aids liver detoxification, and hydrates your body with its wealth of vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements.

burdock root

Burdock root :

B vitamins, iron, and calcium are all abundant in burdock. It possesses liver-supporting qualities that are essential for liver health and renewal. The antioxidant properties of burdock save the body from damaging free radicals. Burdock has been connected in research to normal cutaneous fibroblast activity.


Ashwagandha :

Due to its adaptogenic characteristics, ashwagandha promotes a healthy reaction to stress. It has been demonstrated that the component supports emotional equilibrium and lowers the risk of stress in unfamiliar and stressful circumstances, making it safe for dogs.
A healthy immunological and cardiovascular system are supported by the antioxidant properties of ashwagandha. It aids a dog’s hormonal detoxification process and helps to maintain a healthy thyroid gland.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root :

The adaptogen is crucial for heart and intestinal health.
Astragalus extract stimulates cell regeneration, strengthens the immune system, and shields the liver from toxins. In dogs with UTIs, the substance can assist respiratory function. It takes care of diabetic concerns and maintains stable blood sugar levels in canines.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root :

Vitamins, minerals, and fibre included in dandelion root are associated with a number of health advantages, such as liver and gallbladder detoxification, a decrease in the negative effects of pollutants, and an increase in lifespan. The substance is a natural source of protein that promotes muscular development, mobility, and joint health.


Turmeric :

Turmeric decreases joint strain, maintains ligament health, and supports a balanced inflammatory response. Turmeric’s curcumin molecule has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help treat wounds on dogs, prevent cancer, lessen inflammation brought on by cysts, and destroy germs.

MTC oil

MTC oil :

The MCT oil in Ultra K9 Pro promotes the health of the skeleton, mobility, and cartilage. The substance is simple to digest and beneficial for dogs who have problems with their bones. The health advantages of turmeric in Ultra K9 Pro are enhanced by MCT oil.


Horsetail :

The herb can help cure diseases like osteoporosis and promote bone repair. Kidney stones, bladder problems, and urinary tract illnesses can all be treated with horsetail. Due to the calcium content, it promotes healthy bones.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine Collagen :

Boiling down meat and cattle bones produces bovine collagen.
Collagen is extracted during the boiling process, which is crucial for healthy skin and cartilage. The digestive system, blood vessels, skin, tendons, and bones all store collagen protein. Studies show that the protein increases appetite and digestion, bone health, hair and fur growth, and can repair the stomach lining.

These are the all natural ingredients used in the making of this supplement. This solidifies the fact that this supplement is 100% safe to use.

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UltraK9 Pro Benefits

These are some advantages of UltraK9 Pro: –
Natural and Safe Formula: One of UltraK9 Pro’s most notable advantages is the use of natural and secure components. The patented formula is plant-based, non-GMO, and free of any chemicals or dangerous stimulants that could be hazardous to your dog’s health. It guarantees that your pet receives the finest care possible without suffering any negative consequences.

Simple to Use: UltraK9 Pro is very simple to use. The medication is offered in an easy-to-use dropper container, making administration simple.
Just add the prescribed dosage of UltraK9 Pro to your dog’s food or water to administer it. They can also be fed directly.

Promotes Digestive Health: UltraK9 Pro was particularly created to support the digestive health of dogs. Together, the substances enhance nutrition absorption and promote healthy digestion. Your dog may be able to maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and experience fewer digestive problems as a result.

• Enhances Bone and Joint Health: Dogs’ joint and bone health might decrease as they age, which can cause arthritis and mobility problems. The robust combination of chemicals in UltraK9 Pro supports joint and bone health, allowing your pet to remain active and comfortable for a longer period of time.

Supports Immune System: Your dog’s health and wellbeing depend on a strong immune system. Strong immune-supporting components in UltraK9 Pro help your dog fight off diseases and infections. It may result in a dog that is more energetic, content, and lively.

Promotes Skin and Coat Health: Chicken bone broth, which is rich in nutrients and helps enhance the health of your dog’s skin and coat, is a component of UltraK9 Pro. The broth is a great component for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it is very simple to digest.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress: Ashwagandha, a powerful adaptogen, helps reduce anxiety and stress in dogs. For dogs that have separation anxiety, a dread of loud sounds, or other stressful situations, it can be very helpful.

• Enhances Cognitive Function: Some ingredients in UltraK9 Pro, including ginseng and astragalus root, have been shown to improve cognitive performance in dogs.
Senior dogs who may experience a reduction in cognitive function as they age may benefit the most from this supplement.

Boosts Vitality and Energy: UltraK9 Pro includes organic components that improve your dog’s health and vitality. Older dogs or those with medical issues that create low energy levels may benefit most from this formula.

Supports the growth of healthy teeth and gums: Horsetail is a rich source of calcium, which is necessary for strong teeth and gums. Your dog’s dental health may be supported and gum disease and tooth decay prevented by adding UltraK9 Pro to their food.

Improves Nutrient Absorption: UltraK9 Pro is a combination of substances that helps dogs better absorb nutrients. For dogs that have issues digesting their food or receiving nutrients from it, it is very helpful. Together, the components improve dogs’ ability to absorb nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dosage Recommendation:
Following the prescribed dosage instructions is crucial to
ensure that your dog gets the maximum benefits of UltraK9 Pro.
It will help your dog to receive the intended uses of the product.
As the recommended dosage, administer the formula daily
based on your dog’s weight.
Here are the dosage recommendations for UltraK9 Pro:
Dogs under 24 lbs: 1 dropper daily, one bottle every two
Dogs between 25-55 lbs: 2 droppers daily, one bottle every
Dogs over 56 lbs: 3 droppers daily, two bottles every month
Adding the recommended dosage to your dog’s food or water
is best. You can also administer it directly into their mouth if
they are comfortable with it. 

Every pet I’ve ever met adored chicken broth, and UltraK9 Pro has the flavour of rich chicken bone broth. We went to considerable lengths to make UltraK9 Pro as delicious and nutritious as possible. So far, the comments I’ve had from thousands of dog owners about how much their dogs adored UltraK9 Pro and had the time of their lives has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you live in the United States or Canada, your order will be delivered straight to your house or place of work using a premium carrier such as FedEx or UPS, and it should arrive in 5 to 7 business days.
International orders typically take 8 to 15 business days to process (plus the time needed for customs clearance).

It is available through ultrak9–pro.com. For a limited time, they offer
three discounted packages: Basic bottle – $39 Per Bottle.

It is manufactured in the USA by our FDA-approved, GMP-certified
facility. We adhere to the highest standards

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